iRoot APK V5.0.1 Download For Android 2019 (Latest version)

iroot apk

iRoot apk is an application that is interesting to use for its users. A manual operation in rooting may involve many steps that will be tiring and complicated. Now let’s see some of the easy ways to use the iRoot app.

If you are searching for an app to easily root your android phone or tablet then iRoot is the best application for you. The iRoot application is created by the same team who had already released the iRoot windows application. This application is used by many people now to root their devices. The iRoot application delivers simple ways to root your device. It can be done by just a tap on your phone screen.

Download iRoot APK V5.0.1 For Android 2019 – Latest Version

iroot apk

iroot apk

The features of the iRoot app

  • The iRoot application will help you to rooting your phone by just a click. This is the simplest way to root your device.
  • If you finish your rooting with the iRoot app it offers many recommendations for rooting. The apps recommended will improve the functions of the smartphone and tablet.
  • The framaroot and kingroot does not require internet connection however the iRoot app needs an internet connection.  So after the process of installation, the internet connection must be enabled to run the app and root it.
  • Do not worry about the loss of data because the rooting process will not lead to loss of data.

Download the iRoot apk file

Before beginning the process of installing the APK file on the device you have to allow the external sources to be allowed in the phone. Go to the settings and then security there you will find the settings ‘unknown sources’.

When this is done you can download and install the app on your phone.

Steps to root the device with the iRoot apk

    Firstly download the iRoot apk from irootapkdl.com.

    The app will be installed on the phone.

    Open the iRoot app and then choose the operating system you contain.

    Click the option root.

    Then at last wait for the few seconds to get a message that will pop in the screen.

The iRoot app is palatable with the following versions

    Android Jelly Bean.

    Android Froyo.

    Android Gingerbread.

    Android Ice Cream Sandwich (Android ICS).

    Android KitKat.

Root Android Using Computer PC

Before doing this process it must be said that this will require a lot of focus and the prerequisites have to be installed correctly for the final result to be successful. It is important to observe that the root process may have a negative effect on the warranty. So think before beginning this process.

The beginning of the rooting process may involve the following things.

  1. You have to enter the mobile phone settings.
  2. Then choose the ‘developer options’.
  3. Check for the ‘USB debugging’. 
  4. You can confirm the requested option if it is requested.

On the devices, you must see the connection that will be made to the computer. This will allow you to choose if the machine will have access to the memory card. If this is the case make sure that the option to use the device through the USB is available.

How to root using iRoot APK

Once the other processes are done the first step to use the program is to connect the smartphone to the PC and begin the VROOT. On the application called the home screen, you will have the button called the ‘connect’. This can be used to initiate the operation. This will cause the essential drivers to locate and download the application.

Finally, at the end of this analysis, the ‘root’ button will be shown on the screen. You have to click it for the operation to start. This process may take time and at the end of it, the result will be displayed on the screen. That may either be positive or negative. If you want to reverse the operation you can repeat the process and connect the smartphone again.

You can do this process through the graphical interface from the staring to the end. This program will take the responsibility for analyzing the device and the installation for the important drivers. It is regardless of the make or the model to perform the operation. The application has the banners in Chinese however, the buttons are in English. 

These are the important functions of the iRoot app. Download it in your mobile and enjoy the benefits of rooting.


GTA 4 APK + OBB Data Download For Android 2019

Many love to play adventure games and action games. An adventure game is very interesting to play and the excitement level can be felt throughout the game. These games are also very addictive. The adventurous games these days are played by billion of users around the world ranging from small kids to older adults. The popularity of these games is possible because they are very realistic. When playing these games the player can feel that they are into that fantasying gaming world. The games available in the app stores have received a great fan base.

Download GTA 4 APK For Android (APK + OBB Data)

If you are an adventure game fanatic then there is the incredible GTA series for you. Android users are even luckier because it is available for them in the form of Apk file. The new updated version the GTA 4 Apk has been enhanced by the rockstar north developers. This amazing game which is developed by the popular rockstar games is one of the games released by auto theft series. This game is can be downloaded for free from the internet. The auto theft series releases the collection of games where the player can play the game with the utmost freedom. 

Why GTA 4 is unique?

GTA 4 is very exceptionally unique. Many say that it is “player’s game” you can do anything and everything you want in this gaming world. You can search fictional characters from the internet. The game has a parody of YouTube, dating sites, my sites and other new sites available on the internet. The game characters are brilliantly developed you could fall in love with the hero of this game. The protagonist Niko bellic is very strong and skilled. 

Brilliant features of GTA 4 series

  • The GTA 4 series was first developed as a video game for the windows Xbox 360.  However, it is now available for mobile platforms such as Android, iOS, and Mac. 
  • It is generally known as the single player game. The enhanced version of GTA allows 32 players to play the game. This feature is very unique as no other adventure game allows 32 players to play the game.
  • By successfully completing the challenges you can proceed to the next levels. You can also unlock the three islands in the course of the game. 
  • The interface is just impeccable and attractive. It is also user-friendly.

Download GTA 4 series.

  • The first step is, go to security settings>enable> downloads from unknown sources. 
  • Download the Apk file from internet through download links.
  • Click install to play the game. 

In the GTA 4 series game, the player can freely roam, fight, shoot, drive, kill and rob a bank. The storyboard of the GTA 4 series is very interesting. It is about a war veteran who runs away from his past life to achieve his dream.  The place where the game starts is known as the liberty city where the player can roam. There are three islands to which you can visit in the game. So download this exciting game to enjoy it!!


Tasker APK Download For Android 2019 (Latest Version)

It is possible to do any task with your mobile. The development of apps for the Android device has made everything handy. The flexible Android platform has gone through various experimentations by new apps which are published in apps stores.  Today the users control their devices there also apps which have been built to eliminate all the Android operating system restrictions. With just a single Android device you can do several tasks. The basic mobile tasks performed by an android device are not at all interesting. Today users demand apps which can help them to use their Android device with full freedom and without any restrictions.

Download Tasker APK V5.0.1 For Android 2019 (Latest Version)

One such popular app which can do “n” number of tasks on your Android device is the tasker Apk app. This app was developed to be an automation tool for an android device.  You can create your own set of tasks and can provide instructions for executing it. People are very busy so they tend to forget some important things. However, with the help of the incredible tasker Apk file, you can organize and remember all the important tasks without forgetting them. Tasker app is one of the top grossing and top-rated app available on the play store.  It is also a paid app which can cost nearly three dollars.

The download process of the tasker app

  • First of all download Tasker app for Android taskerapkdownload.com.
  • The Android device may not allow downloads from other sources. So, firstly change your security settings to enable downloads from unknown sources. 
  • You can download the Apk file of tasker very easily from the download links available on the internet. There are many reliable sources through which it is extremely safe to download the Apk file.
  • To install the Apk file agree to all the terms and conditions. The downloaded app can be seen on the home screen and you can use it. 

Superlative features of tasker app 

There may be thousands of apps available on the internet which may perform or be similar to Tasker. The superlative features of tasker app make it stand out from the crowd.  The features are very unique and they provide convenience and ease for the users to operate this application. The following are the key features of the tasker app.

  • It has more than two hundred plug-ins to support numerous tasks.
  • The individual task can be created and saved in one file name and it can be viewed in task profiles. 
  • You can use smart actions. 
  • You can set a reminder.
  • You can customize all the elements in the user interface. 

If you want to download this app without spending anything then the Apk file of tasker is available on the internet. From complicated tasks to simple tasks you can do anything and everything with the tasker Apk file. Some of the tasks such as turning on wifi, setting alarm and complex task such as to sending files through third-party plug-in any task can be performed on your Android device. 

The taker Apk file supports almost every Android device versions. You can also set time for the tasks so that the tasker app will remind you at the right time. So download it to see its benefits. 


PUBG Mobile APK Download For Android (Unlimited Guns, Chickens)

We live in a gaming era. Earlier, it was a common idea that mobile games are meant for kids. In this generation, the word game has a totally different meaning. From kids to adults everyone play games today.  Many say that the real games which are developed these days can give you a one of a kind experience. Many app stores daily release any exciting games which are downloaded by millions of users.  Playing these games is one of the favorite pass times for many today. These games are also very accessible. It is also the most inexpensive handy entertainment available for people. 

One such extremely popular game which has got great appreciation from players is the pubG game. It has also been awarded as the most popular game. The players of pubG are very addicted to it many can even play it for 24*7.  The abbreviation of the term pubG is player unknowns’ battleground. This incredible game has been developed by the famous pubG developers who are a subsidiary of the blue whole.  It is a game of war general.  The player has to participate in the royale battles to proceed to the next levels in the game. 

Download PUBG Mobile APK Latest Version For Android 2019

The interesting storyboard of this game is inspired by a movie named royale battle. The player is dropped in a deserted island where the player has to battle for the survival.  The thrill element is that hundred additional players will be dropped with you on the island. The player can get weapons, tools, and equipment to destroy others for survival.  There is a safe are available in the game but after a while, it will shrink down. The last standing person is claimed to be the winner of the game. 

Let us see some of the preeminent features of the pubG Apk file.

  • The graphic of the pubG mobile version is as strong as the pc version of it. The graphics and visuals are very impressive and original.
  • Three different modes available to play the game the single player, duo and the squads.
  • You can do many actions such as climbing, running and combating. 
  • The weapons and tools are original and realistic. 

The three steps download process

  • You can download the latest Apk file of pubG from this website.
  • To install it go to security setting and enable downloads from unknown sources. 
  • Agree to the terms and conditions to install the game.

PubG was not available for mobile platforms earlier but the Tencent negotiated with the blue hole to make the game available on mobile devices.  The pc version of pubG is very exciting to play. There has been no compromise in the excitement level and fun element of the mobile version of pubG. It is more convenient and easy to play the game in a handy device.

The opponent of the pubG is the fornite. To give a good competition the pubG developers released the game for free of cost for the Android and iOS users. So grab this opportunity to download this incredible game.